Days of Comics Past

A calendar of notable events across the comic book world.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Events for August

1932: Jim Aparo, artist on DC's Batman and Phantom Stranger, is born.

1941: Will Eisner debuts the Blackhawks in Military Comics #1. Over in Police Comics #1, Jack Cole introduces Plastic Man.

1942: Carl Barks draws his first Donald Duck story in Four Color Comics #9.

1947: Black Canary appears as a supporting character in the Johnny Thunder backup feature of Flash Comics.

1962: Amazing Fantasy #15 is published, introducing the Amazing Spider-Man to the world. In the same month, frail Dr. Don Blake discovers a gnarled cane in Journey Into Mystery #83 and becomes the Mighty Thor.

1989: Tim Drake becomes the third teenager to become Robin in Batman #436.

1994: Archie Comics and Marvel Comics team up for The Punisher Meets Archie. I'm sure this seemed like a good idea at the time.


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